Apartment Features I Love

I love apartments. I love looking at them online, all the different styles from different countries and locations. I find it really fun and inspiring, and I can’t wait to some day move into my dream apartment. I have always loved home décor and different pieces of furniture, making a space your own is so much fun.

Something I can’t decide on is where I want to live. Like I have said before, I am attracted to living abroad, but that is if money allows. I like Toronto, but it is expensive as well. So it might come down to where the perfect apartment is. I do have places in mind where I would love to end up, but who knows! There are certain qualities of apartments that I find especially attractive and homey, and I would love to share them with you. I think a living/working space can definitely inspire you creatively and my dream place would have exactly that.


Something I love in a space is exposed brick. I love places that look industrial and brick adds to that feel. It can be any colour of brick and I still would love it, but red brick really catches my eye. Something about it makes me feel comfortable and at home, maybe because back home at my mom’s there is some brick. Who knows. But having even a feature wall of exposed brick I find adds to the room in a great way. A cool way to get this look would be getting wallpaper that has that brick pattern, if your place doesn’t have the real thing. Another alternative is using a nice patterned wallpaper for a feature wall. Another note is the wooden ceiling in this picture, that is something I absolutely love.


Another feature I love in an apartment is higher ceilings. I find lower ones make me feel cramped and dark, and higher ones are freeing and lighter. I’m also not saying that all lower ceilings are bad, just some might be a little too low for my taste. In my first apartment, which was the last one I lived in, it had extremely low ceilings and I couldn’t stretch my arms upwards standing up. For my first place, it wasn’t too bad, but it definitely could have used something to brighten it up. I’m very attracted to a loft style apartment, which is usually a main living area and kitchen with stairs leading to a higher platform with your bedroom or just space for a bed. With this style you can usually look over the railing to the rest of your apartment below, and I think those spaces work really well with each other. The wood beams in the picture above also make me want to move in right away.


Something else different I like is unique walls, such as slanted ceilings. It adds character to your home and makes it stand out. I like this space here because of the use of shelves with the slanted roof and how the widows are on the top. It’s unique and looks extremely cozy. Some people find decorating rooms with these types of walls and ceilings a bit difficult, but with the right furniture and décor it can look amazing.

These are just a few of homey features that I would love to see in a future place of mine, as there are many features I find stunning in a space. There are many types of apartments that I love, so finding one I fall in love with shouldn’t be too hard. I’m not looking to move yet, but its really fun looking at the possibilities.

Thanks for reading.


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