You Can Get There, And So Can I

I am currently sitting in the employee lounge at my work, waiting to start my shift, and I got thinking about something that has been bugging me.

Like others, I can feel very stuck at the job I am at. It’s not my dream job and its not what I plan on doing the rest of my life, which sometimes makes me think, will things ever get better? Will I ever be able to move on with my career? I have been to college, but only for something part time. I have always struggled with what I want to do with my life, even now there are a multitude of things I want to do. But I do know I want a job where I can work from home, so I can work anywhere in the world. Plus, working retail even for 8 hours is hard on me.

But how the heck do I get to that point? I imagine it and I feel like its impossible. I get stuck in this rut and I feel like even going to my current job is pointless, and I get depressed and unmotivated to even try. But the best thing I can do is try. The best thing in this situation is to not give up. Something that keeps my eye on the goal is imaging doing something that makes me feel happy and fulfilled. I don’t feel fulfilled now. I don’t hate my job, but it reminds me of how I feel behind in life. Most people at my age are in college working towards what they want in life or already doing it. Sure, yes, there are a lot of people even older than me that are still figuring out their lives. But I’m tired of feeling unfulfilled, and having to tell people where I work and reminding myself of it every time.

I want something, so I am going to get it, and you should too. Don’t take less than you deserve. Don’t feel like you can’t get there. Cause I believe you can, and I can too. I can’t lose sight of that goal. It keeps me going when everything seems impossible. It tells me that it is definitely possible. Anything is nowadays.

Thanks for reading.

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