Places I Would Love to Live

As I said on my post about wanting to live abroad, I thought I would share some of the places that inspire me and where I could see myself living in time. These countries are full of culture and style, somewhere I could imagine strolling the streets and finding great spots to write. If I never live in these places I definitely want to travel there at some point, maybe just live there for a few months and not permanently.


Since I was in high school, I have always loved Sweden. I have been researching about living there for a long time. It is a beautiful country and ranked one of the best places to live in the world, and very LGBTQ+ friendly! I started learning Swedish in grade 11, keeping up with it casually here and there. Although knowing basic Swedish would be a plus, a lot of Swedes take English throughout school so a language barrier wouldn’t be an issue. I hear everyone is kind and its just genuinely a happy place.


Somewhere that has caught my interest more recently is England. I find London to be a very interesting city, filled with beautiful architecture and cute shops where adventure could be limitless. I’ve seen a lot of people film videos there so I get to see an inside look of walking around an English city and it looks fascinating. All the road signs are in English as well so I would be ahead of the game.


Another country on my mind lately has been France. I grew up taking French, even though I don’t know much, I have a good base to start from and I have heard how beautiful the cities are. I don’t know too much about France at this point, but it still interests me enough to include it on this list. I have heard the culture is interesting and the people are warm, so I want to definitely learn more about it.


With a name like O’Flynn, I would fit right in with Ireland. The people are great and the landscapes are beautiful, plus I grew up learning about Ireland enough that I can’t wait to at least visit there. Most of my family have been there once or twice, and I love seeing the pictures or hearing the stories. So, naturally Ireland is close to my heart. I love the style and history of it, too.


I think the list is endless of places I want to visit, but these are just places I am considering for the future. There are also other places I wouldn’t mind living in, but these are my top choices (for now). I think we live in a beautiful world, and I can’t wait to explore it. The possibilities of our lives is honestly endless, and I want to make the best of it I can.

Thanks for reading.






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