The Stress and Joys of Moving

Lately I have been finding myself going to Google maps and just sitting on the different beaches of the world. I love looking at all the different colours of the water, imagining escaping there for just a moment.

I’m in the process of moving and I’m experiencing all the stress of it all over again. I find just going around and exploring the digital version of the earth is simple enough to help calm that anxiety, and it inspires me as well, as I can’t wait to travel in the future.

Sometimes it’s nice to de-stress. We all need it. It can be as simple as having a hot bowl of soup or watching your favorite show.

Moving will be an interesting new chapter, and I’m excited for it. The thing I am not looking forward to or enjoying is getting myself there. Figuring out what to keep and what not to. Booking movers. Cleaning up my cat’s barf from the second he gets in the car. But I have some new goals for myself, and I hope this will be a great new start.

Thanks for reading the random thoughts coming into my head. Cheers to the future!



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