Back with Inspiration

Hello! I have finally found a purpose and drive for this blog again.

I will be honest, I didn’t find a lot of inspiration for my blog. I don’t want to force the content so I took a little break. So here I am again! Filled with a new drive.

I am fortunate to live in a town with a gorgeous beach, and my roommate and I have been enjoying the water a lot. We are similar in the way that all we want to do is swim. I love being in water, and constantly long to be on a tropical beach. It’s officially summer and places like Australia and Jamaica are calling my name. But I’m poor and I accept its probably going to be a while before that happens again! So I am pretty pleased with the beach I have now.

Each time we go to this beach, its a whole different experience. Yesterday we went and the waves were extremely big and beat us up a little (worth it). The time before it, the water looked dark and stormy as rain fell and felt cold after a while. Times like these make me appreciate what the good Lord created and become awestruck with its beauty. We usually go around 6 or 7 at night so we can watch the sun slowly sink down. These days have helped me a lot. Contemplating my life and inspiring me to do things I love, like write.

Sometimes little things like watching the waves can impact a person more than expected. Fill us with little bouts of hope that we need to get us through the day, or even week. Appreciating the little things has made me happier. More than I would think imaginable.

Thank you so much for checking up on me.

One thought on “Back with Inspiration

  1. You are so talented and a beautiful person in and out.
    Love you girl keep up the wonderful work. I want to read more!!!


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