I Shaved My Hair Off

Do you ever get that feeling looming over you that your hair isn’t up to your own standards? That it isn’t exactly what you want, therefore it drives you nuts?

That’s how I was feeling. In the summer last year I cut off my hair that was pretty much waist length to a pixie short cut, then even shorter with the sides shaved and longer on top. I had it bleached and dyed it a blueish colour. I really liked it when I did it. But soon after, it made me feel insecure.

Hair can make us feel confident, expressing ourselves in a way sometimes our clothes cannot. In high school, I wore a uniform every day, except maybe one day a month where we were allowed to wear our own clothes. I chose to express myself through my hair instead, shaving the side, dyeing it multiple colours and even having a full rainbow at one time. I always liked to do fun things with my hair, channeling my creativity through it instead of the same blue polo I wore almost every day.

So there I was a few days ago, in a brand new year, overthinking my hair and how it made me feel too masculine and self conscious. I had gotten a hair shaver for Christmas to maintain the sides of my hair, and as I was doing just that one night, I really started to contemplate just shaving it all off. I told myself I was being silly and that I didn’t have the balls to do it. But then one night I was laying in bed, thinking it over, and got up and shaved all my hair off.

Hair may make us feel a certain way, but in the end, its really just hair. It will grow back. Now, I feel more feminine and confident then I ever did with my previous hairstyle. I’ve always loved women with the buzzed look, and now I am one of those women. If you want to do something different with your hair but you are scared to take that leap, just do it. It’s just hair. It will grow back. You can get it fixed. Life is too short to have boring hair and fear what other people think.

Thanks for reading!



One thought on “I Shaved My Hair Off

  1. You are so right, and it is just hair. I have always been amazed at how you express yourself through colour and your hair styles and the choices you made. Sometimes they didn’t work out to what you hoped, but you always went for it and it just showed the unique person that you are.


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