Internet or Log Cabin?

I have been reading a short story where a guy lives in a forest but close to a town, relying on hunting and growing vegetables for most of his food, only going to town when needed. I imagined myself living in a little stone house in a forest, writing this blog for a living and taking care of plants for food. Then I thought maybe there wouldn’t be great internet out there.

Do we really rely on the internet for so much? I remember not having wifi around but I can’t even imagine without it now. I think it is a very useful thing, for learning different things as well as keeping up with a career in many different fields, such as art or writing. Sure, maybe some people are too attached to their phones, but it provides a great resource to things we wouldn’t have on hand before. I’ve seen my mom and aunt share many memes on Facebook about how “back in their day” kids didn’t have iPhones and such. Which, I commend them, kids would have no idea how to look up something in the library in a book and not just type it in to Google.

For myself, I might rely on the internet too much, but I don’t see it all as a negative. Looking at other’s art gives me motivation and inspiration, educating myself with whatever comes to mind, writing this blog even. I’m not the sort that needs to be glued to their phone 24/7, so I can at least take a break. But having it does ground me sometimes, looking at things that cheer me up.

Do you find the internet and phones to be a bad thing? Is too much of it a possibility? There are many different opinions on this topic.

Now, back to the house in the woods. Did you picture this:


Or maybe this:


Or maybe you went this route:


I feel like these homes would be more of a vacation spot, but a part of me wants to escape and live in the middle of Ireland with my cat.

Could you pick up and move somewhere that doesn’t have internet? Would you want to?

Thanks for reading this little thought bubble of mine.

2 thoughts on “Internet or Log Cabin?

  1. another good one Kelsey, it makes us think. I am old enough to know before and after the internet. Could start some good conversations between people.


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