Homophobia in Christianity – Coming from a Gay Christian

I believe in God. I was raised Catholic, even though I would call myself a Christian. There are alot of things in the Catholic church I disagree with. I have my own personal beliefs and relationship with God. I’m also in the LGBTQ+ community, as I am bisexual.

There are a lot of things some Christians do that make a bad name for themselves. There have been a lot of them I have encountered who have tried to force their own beliefs on me or other people, such as their distaste for gay people. I am openly queer, an umbrella term for LGBTQ+ people, and I have had my share of fake nice people. Of course there are many Christians that aren’t against gays and gay marriage, but there are many that are. I have had people try to “pray away the gay”, and people I trusted sit me down in a room and told me my “lifestyle” was “wrong” and that I was going to hell.

So why do Christians think this way? That gay people are wrong? That being transgender is an illness? They believe God doesn’t agree with it. They think it states clear in the bible that being gay is a sin. I have news for you, its not. The bible was written thousands of years ago, and it can be interpreted in many ways. It has also been translated so many times and I believe it could have been altered a small bit in a way it seems like God thinks being gay is a sin. Another reason they don’t like the “gay lifestyle” is a same sex couple can’t make a child. I think that is dumb. There are many ways they can have a child, one being adopting a child that otherwise would grow up in an orphanage, like I would have. I know a lot of people that tell me, “we love you but we disagree with your lifestyle”. My lifestyle? I don’t do anything different than a straight person. “We love you but we don’t believe you have the right to marry the person you love and I wouldn’t go to your wedding.” I don’t want you at my wedding!!

God loves everyone in this world. Being a Christian, I believe God created us equally. Being gay or bisexual or anything else isn’t a choice. It’s scientific and real, and God created us that way. God is all about love, not hate. And the fact Christians go behind what they teach just makes me mad. Things like shock therapy for gay teens is damaging and cruel, and people have the audacity to call it “God’s work”. It’s disgusting.

I got extremely lucky. My mom, aunt and my whole family have supported me 100%, and never made me feel out of place. When I came out to them at 15 I was met with nothing but love.

If you are in a place in your life where you think you might be attracted to the same sex and you think God is mad at you, he isn’t. He doesn’t care if you’re gay. He cares about your well-being. Parents teaching their children that something they can’t help about themselves is wrong before they can even discover themselves is hurtful to their growth as a person. Imagine being scared of your own parents and them kicking you out cause you “disgrace” them.

Homophobia is a huge problem in our society, not just within religions. Its something that we shouldn’t have to battle, but it is. It’s really sad to see it around the subject of God because God loves everyone and he makes no mistakes.

Being gay isn’t a sin. Hating and hurting people over it is.

Thanks for reading.


3 thoughts on “Homophobia in Christianity – Coming from a Gay Christian

  1. very well written and expressed so well Kelsey. I am proud of you. You understand, I wish other people would as well. Maybe you have helped somebody with this one in particular.


  2. Yes very well written Kelsey – totally agree with you. Sorry you’ve had to deal with ignorant people in your life. Glad you have so much support you know your own worth😊


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