Never Stop Creating

I am finally getting back into my art again.

Since I moved to this new town in the summer, I met a few friends who are into art as well, which I did have a few already, but we have recently started meeting at a close by coffee shop and having art dates together, bouncing ideas off of each other and giving each other inspiration. I have one friend of mine whom I find really artistically and aesthetically inspiring, and we both love a video game that we obsess over together. Its really great to encourage each other when we hate our work and never want to draw again.

I had a few comments online a couple months ago telling me my art basically wasn’t worth posting, and I tried to not let it get to me. I really did. But I already struggle with not liking my art, and I didn’t draw for a long time. I felt like anything I drew wasn’t good enough, so I’d erase or delete it and not pick up a pencil again for weeks.

If you’re an artist (anyone can be considered an “artist”, an artist is whoever creates art and enjoys it, no matter the skill level), you will know how art can make you feel motivated and happy. Going through artist’s block can make you feel less of yourself, like you are missing something in your life. If you are feeling this way, just pick up a pencil, pen or stylus, whatever your preference is, and doodle. Just doodle, don’t pressure yourself to create a masterpiece. Just let your hand loosely form a shape just to get that creativity flowing and hand moving. I wrote a post about getting over art block that could give you some ideas on how to get back on that horse.

I made the mistake of letting those negative comments make me stop creating, which is something you should never do. I am also guilty of comparing my art to others art, which is another mistake. Your art is your own, you make it unique and beautiful in your own way. Don’t think “they are way better than me”, because everyone is at different stages in their skill level and experience. Its not fair to put yourself down over someone else’s creations.

My point is, no matter what, don’t stop creating. This goes for not only painting and drawing, but things like writing and playing music as well. Your own work is special and yours, don’t let anyone take that away from you. Don’t let anyone take away the pleasure of creating from you. Keep creating.

Thanks for reading.


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