New Years and New Goals

The new year is upon us. I don’t know about you, but I feel like 2018 flew by.

With a new year comes new years resolutions. They could be big, they could be small, but most of us make them. I have a few for myself. But something a lot of people face is disappointment in themselves for not fulfilling those resolutions. Start by not setting the bar too high for yourself, and build yourself up over time. For example, don’t promise yourself you will go to the gym every single day. Start with once a week, and if you feel you want to go more than that, build yourself up to it.

A new year can feel like a fresh start, and I plan to treat it like one. I want to start a new job (my last one was only a seasonal position), work on my blog, get back into art, and work towards other big goals I have for 2019. As for new year’s eve, don’t worry if you won’t be getting kissed at midnight or waking up next to your partner this year. A lot of people feel lonely at this time of year, and I get it. I’ve never been in a serious relationship before. But don’t pressure yourself, the right person will come along when you least expect it, and who knows, maybe that is what this new year will bring.

If you don’t have anything set for the new year, don’t sweat it. Opportunities and adventures will turn up in time. Just enjoy the feeling of a new you and a fresh new year. I hope many good things happen in 2019 that will inspire you to be the best you yet. I know I’m already feeling it.

Happy 2019!


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