Why LUSH is One of the Best Cosmetic Brands Out There

It all started with my roommate.

Every time Molly and I would hit a mall, the mention of LUSH would make her entire day. She would go in with the intention of buying one or two products, and sometimes end up racking in a bill of $200 or more. Before her, I had never even been inside a LUSH store. Now, every time I smell that amazing smell from around the corner I want to stop everything and head right in and spend my life savings.

My first LUSH product was Herbalism, the lovely salesperson telling me how it was for clearing up skin and getting rid of oil. The first time I tried it, I was instantly impressed. My skin felt soft and clean, and I wanted to try more products.

Sure, I was impressed by the product. But what makes LUSH so special?

There are so many things that this company does right. The first thing is packaging. Or, the lack of. 35 percent of LUSH’s products come completely package-free, and if not, in recycled material and are recyclable themselves. They offer solid versions of things like shampoo and conditioner to just rub right on your hair so you don’t need to squeeze it out of a bottle. Another way of helping the earth is being completely vegetarian, and 80 percent vegan. Every ingredient is cruelty free, which brings me to my next point.

LUSH is completely animal testing free. This is very important to me, as animals are a big part of my life. The animals I have and have had in the past are my family. Animals are amazing creatures, and don’t deserve to be treated any less than that. They use human volunteers or synthetic skin to test their products, so no harm comes to any living thing. All of their products are handmade as well, and every person that makes a product has a little sticker on the container with their picture drawn on it, putting a face to the scrub or cream.

Those are the facts about the company’s practices and morals. But the products do speak for themselves. If you haven’t checked out my story about my lupus, you wouldn’t know I struggle with chronic pain. LUSH has products for pain relief, and the well trained salespeople are glad to show you what is right for you. They helped me find a scrub (Magic Crystals) that helps with cleansing skin and cooling it after a workout. They are very knowledgeable and even helped me with my Christmas shopping this year.

My point is, give LUSH a try. This post is not a paid promotion, I just wanted to write a post about them and their world friendly values and products. I really do recommend them, and I might even write product-specific reviews sometimes.

Thanks for reading.


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