The Need for Living Abroad

I have always wanted to live abroad. I have no idea why.

Maybe because I was born abroad my roots are calling. Probably not.

But I have always been attracted to it. Living in a new place, a new country, the adventure. When I was a teenager I thought of Japan, but realized that is a huge culture shock and language barrier and decided I would love to visit sometime but not reside there permanently.

Now my interest is on Europe, perhaps the UK where English is the first language. Plus I could travel around on various trains, going on little trips to various countries. I have been doing research on moving abroad for a long time, and honestly I find it exciting. Not like I have a plan and I’m going to do it tomorrow, but entertaining the thought is fun.

I have thought of moving to a different province in Canada, somewhere mountainous, and that is definitely still in my mind. Canada is a beautiful place and has beautiful cities, and coming from a small town, I want to live in a city. Still, in the back of my mind I want to do the big move to Europe. The only time I’ve been to anywhere in Europe was when I was 6 months old, so before I ever move there I need to take a refresher course and visit. But where to even start. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

Honestly, even big ol’ drives and plane rides even sound appealing nowadays. I’m craving adventure. But of course, travelling comes with a large price tag. Once I get a career going and save some money I can start some sort of quest for Europe and beyond. For now, I’ll stick to planning and dreaming about apartments. Have I mentioned I adore looking at cool apartments? Maybe I will write about that sometime.

I see this as another goal in my life. It can happen, and I can make it happen. These days, this is totally possible, and that is a reason to look forward to every day.

Thanks for reading.

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