Be You.

Why must we be so quick to judge others?

Just because someone likes to wear something a little different than everyone else, or because someone likes a TV show that others think is childish.

Maybe that person wears something that makes them feel more comfortable with themselves, or that person likes to watch that show to escape a bad home life.

You never know what is going on in a strangers life. Why should we be so quick to judge?

When I was a kid, even a teenager, I had my own little world of stuff I like. Everyone does. But I remember it helping me through some tougher times, like struggling with my mental health. I also remember being made fun of for it. There are some things I like as a 22 year old and maybe some people would think its childish or “lame”. Why should I care if it makes me happy? Why would you point and laugh at someone just cause they don’t like what you like, or look or act different?

Some disabilities you can see and some you can’t. What if the person you are laughing about behind their back has autism? It’s nothing they can help. There are things people choose to do differently, such as their hair or makeup, and that does not give anyone a reason to make fun of or exclude them. Why are humans so quick to judge?

If someone ever tries to tell you what you like or look like isn’t good enough, they are wrong. You are valid, and they are probably just insecure about themselves. Society teaches us to hate ourselves, but every person deserves self love.

Who cares if someone is different than you. If we were all the same, the world would be boring.

Be you. Love yourself.

Thanks for reading.


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