Stop Stressing Yourself

Take your time. I have to tell myself that all the time. Slow down.

Like everyone, I have goals for myself. Big goals, like my career or where I want to end up living. Sometimes though, I get ahead of myself, thinking I have to do everything in one year or something for it to work out, or I have limited time to do it before I the opportunity is gone. I even know for a fact that isn’t true, and I have my whole life to do things, but I feel like if I don’t make it happen now, it will never happen.

I am slowly learning how to calm down and stop pressuring myself. Reminding myself to work hard and save money until I can achieve that goal, but not rushing the process to the point of stressing myself out.

I’ve learned to appreciate little things in life, as clichĂ© as it sounds. Something as small as a stranger having a friendly chat with you or your cat giving you an extra special snuggle. Those sort of things make me just that little bit happier and even a but more grounded. Things that don’t cost money and just come with life sometimes.

That being said, not so great things come with life too, and I’ve had my fair share. Its easy to let it wreck your day and bring your mood down, but it also can be easy to bring it back up again. Watch your favourite videos on YouTube. Draw something that won’t stress you out. Play a relaxing game. There are many ways to help yourself feel better.

I don’t have much of a plan for life. I will want to do a certain thing but it never works out, or I feel like I couldn’t do it, so why even try. Everything seems to cost money, so I feel stuck where I am a lot.

I’m trying to get out of that mindset as best as I can, trying to set more achievable goals and actually carrying them out. Setting myself up for more success, rather than stressing myself out with “I have to do this in my life right away or else it will never happen”.

Just take a breath. Relax in knowing it doesn’t have to happen right now, and enjoy thinking about a future that you could see yourself in.

Thanks for reading.


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