Dealing with Art Block

As an artist, I get art block all the time. Its the worst feeling when you sit down purposely to draw and you can’t think of anything to create. You scroll through your phone trying to desperately find a reference to inspire you but to no avail.

I’m here to tell you it happens to all of us. But I’m also here to share some advice I have acquired over the years of doing art. I’m not guaranteeing these will all work for you, everyone is different. But you might get something out of it, and I hope it helps! Disclaimer: this is for drawing for fun, not doing art you are getting paid for.

For me, if I’m struggling to bring myself to draw or can’t think of anything to draw in the first place, I focus on subjects I enjoy. Don’t force yourself to draw something you don’t want to draw. For example, video games. I love them. So I will go through the games and characters I like and maybe choose one to focus on. Make it your own with trying different styles and colors too! Remember, you don’t have to make a masterpiece every time you draw. Allow yourself to doodle and experiment.

Another great thing to do while uninspired is look at other people’s art, especially artists you love and follow. When I see a beautiful piece that someone has created it makes me want to improve and maybe try a different style or technique. Pinterest and Instagram are great platforms to find new artists. That being said, never copy anyone else’s art. You can take inspiration from it but never copy it and claim it as your own. That is art theft. That has happened to me and I was beside myself reporting it online where it was posted and trying to get the person to take it down. Its an awful thing to do.

Lastly, if you just aren’t coming up with anything and you are getting frustrated, don’t force yourself. Drawing is supposed to be enjoyable and you shouldn’t feel like its a chore. Don’t stress yourself because you can’t create at that exact moment. Maybe take a break and scroll through social media and find inspiration, or do something else entirely. Don’t take the fun out of it for yourself, or you may find yourself drawing less and less, or stressing when you do. I’ve been there.

I would like to share an example of art I did to break art block! I focused on a character I liked and played around with a new shading technique.

It’s a traditional drawing of Moira from Overwatch.

I hope this helped! Enjoy creating.

Thanks for reading.


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