Genderless Fashion

I’ve always seemed to switch between clothing styles quite a lot in my life.

When I was 13, I took style inspiration from the boys on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. No, I’m not kidding. I wore a rancid oversized men’s button up with a blue and white splatter pattern and some sort of blue men’s swim shorts. I didn’t really understand how boys dressed, or even girls my age for that matter. At that time, I didn’t really care about what I wore and how I looked. I hated shopping as well.

Nowadays, I love fashion and shopping and all that. I adore looking in shops even when I don’t have money to spend (but of course, love it more with some cash). I find a lot of style inspiration that way, in men’s and women’s clothes. I wear both evenly, even more of men’s in recent days. I don’t see gender in clothing. I see something anyone could wear. Boys can wear dresses, girls can wear suits. Its that label of ‘gender’ that society puts on everything. Isn’t it weird that we put shirts on little boys that say ‘ladies man’ and people say gay people force their sexualities on everyone else?

Gender is something made from society’s standards. Sure, females and males have different parts to create babies, but genitals don’t always define someone’s gender. Imagine a transgender woman. Just because she might not of had sexual reassignment surgery yet and still have a penis doesn’t mean she is any less of a girl.

Clothing is a way I express myself. If I am feeling girly, I wear something maybe a little more lacey. If I’m feeling more boyish, maybe I’ll wear a snapback with a nice hoodie. If I’m feeling colorful, or all black, the choice is mine. To me, I can feel like myself in the way I wear. If I’m wearing something too girly for my mood, I will change, or feel uncomfortable all day.

Style is more than what you wear. It can be an entire identity and how to express it. It helps a lot of people feel like themselves, including me.

Thanks for reading.



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