Red Sneakers

I don’t know why, but I have a thing for red shoes. Specifically sneakers.

I was browsing on one of my favourite blogs, Wiishu Writes, and she was talking about browsing a certain shop called Magasin. Even though its in Denmark, I decided to check it out.

Probably a bad idea.

I fell in love with almost everything in the shop. Maybe its my Russian genes but European fashion tickles my fancy. I find a lot of North American fashion a bit boring, of course sometimes I find really interesting pieces in H&M or Forever 21.

I don’t speak Danish, save for a few words that may be similar to Swedish words I recognize, so navigating the online store was a little bit of clicking everything and seeing where it takes me. The first thing I came across were shoes. I fricken love shoes.

I only scrolled a bit and found these awesome red sneakers and realized I seem to like every red sneaker I ever see:

I thought they had a bit of an androgynous look to them, and I love the thick soles and suede fabric.

Then I kept scrolling and found these bad boys:

I love a good athletic style shoe. And of course the bright red caught my eye, along with the contrast of a bright white sole. Also featuring a suede finish.

The next ones I thought were a bit fancier:

I thought they looked pretty stylish and polished with the buckle on the top. Again, suede in a deep red.

Then we have some that give me a bit of a girlier vibe:

I’m assuming I get that feeling from the oversized laces and bow on top. Apparently all of these shoes are suede, which I don’t mind. Always a stylish finish. For that sort of fabric its good to protect it and spray them with a protective sealant before wearing them.

Red is definitely my favourite colour, if you couldn’t tell. For shoes, I love a pair that catches your attention and makes the outfit, especially if its all black. I love adding a strong colour for the focus.

I hope you enjoyed a little insight on my style! I definitely want to write more about fashion as I love a good piece of clothing or a great pair of shoes.

Thanks for reading!


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